100 % clean water? Only with reverse osmosis.

Why is water so important for our health? Is osmosis water right for me?

As children, our bodies are composed of 75 % water, and as adults, the proportion - up to 65 % - still remains high. For each of our organs to function properly, and for our health in general, water is of vital importance. For example, because our brain is made up of 90 % water, we find it difficult to concentrate and focus our attention without adequate fluid intake. Water supports a tremendous number of crucial bodily functions. For example, it transports oxygen, cleanses and detoxifies, regulates body temperature and the balance of electrolytes. All of these functions depend upon an adequate intake of pure drinking water. For that reason, osmosis water is the superior drinking water choice. Contaminants in drinking water from the tap inhibit proper organ and bodily functions, making clean drinking water especially important for babies and adults alike. Osmosis water can offer you the ultimate in water purity, because only through the process of reverse osmosis is your drinking water completely purified and safe to drink.

Osmosis water on tap. Simple. Economical. Convenient.

We Europeans are world champions when it comes to drinking bottled water. Every week we fill our shopping trolleys with over-packaged crates of mineral water - without giving a second thought to the high cost of the water itself, the transportation and recycling costs, and the environmentally harmful effects of producing plastic. The obvious solution – using our own tap water – is simple, economical and convenient. No lugging heavy crates of water, huge cost savings and a positive impact on our personal CO² footprint. So why are many Europeans still hesitant to upgrade from bottled water to purified tap water from a reverse osmosis water system? Many dislike the taste of tap water and are wary of its possible contaminants. The taste of tap water is often created in the water pipes, which generally tend to be past their prime. According to official measurements, our tap water is, indeed, virtually free of pollutants and other substances, but these measurements are always taken under sterile laboratory conditions and never with 5-30 year-old pipes. Most impurities in our water occur after it reaches our homes. By using a reverse osmosis water filter system, your tap water will retain its original, crisp and delicious flavour while protecting your health.  

Only a reverse osmosis water system can provide 100 % clean water

Reverse osmosis is the only technology that truly removes all contaminants from your water and gives it back its natural pure taste. Your drinking water comes freshly filtered, directly from your tap, and it hasn’t been stored in plastic bottles for weeks in warehouses or jostled about in lorries. Although bottled water does indeed contain more minerals, this does not necessarily make it the healthier choice. On the contrary: According to the German Society for Nutrition we get enough of most of those added minerals through our diet anyway. And if you do want to vary the taste and mineral content, our Sonvita cartridges allow you to add a variety of water-enhancing minerals. One delicious side effect of osmosis water is the soft and pleasant character created by our reverse osmosis water filters, which reduce the calcium content to an absolute minimum. This means you no longer have to deal with damaging lime scale in your kettle or an unappetizing film on your tea.  Whether you’re enjoying coffee, tea, or simply a pure glass of water, the completely new, fresh taste experience will convince you that water from a reverse osmosis water system is the delicious alternative for life.

With pure, high-quality drinking water available directly from your faucet, you’ll be hooked on the taste immediately and love the added benefits of its positive impact on your health, the environment and your wallet.