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5 Parameter Wassertester
Water Tester with 5 Parameters

Use these easy-to-use test strips to test your tap water and filtered water. It’s as simple as putting a test strip into the water and watching the colour change to determine water quality by means of a simple colour scale. Using the Water Tester product will give you information about: water hardness chlorine content iron content nitrate content nitrite content

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Kalibrierlösung für TDS Messgeräte
TDS Calibration Solution 20 ml

With the ready-made calibration solution your TDS Measuring Instrument can be calibrated quickly and easily. The solution amount is sufficient for one calibration process. Instructions for use: 1. Cut open the bag 2. Measure the temperature of the solution using the TDS meter 3. Measure the conductivity of the solution 4. Compare displayed conductivity with the table on the package 5. If necessary, adjust the conductance on the TDS meter and repeat the process

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A water tester makes using reverse osmosis water filters even easier

All of our systems are easy to operate and require very little maintenance. Replacing the filter cartridges and membranes at regular intervals or refilling the granulate in household filters is all you have to do. We recommend installing a new membrane every 24 months and changing the filter every 6 months, but these recommendations vary, depending on the properties and contaminant content of the water in any given region. Very soft water can dissolve copper and other metals found in pipes, while hard water, on the other hand, can cause severe calcification.

Our convenient water testers help you determine the quality of your tap water easily. Simply immerse a water tester strip into the filtered water, and you’ll get a measurement reading on a colour scale. Our water tester set contains two strips that measure not only the pH level and water hardness, but also the content of iron, chloride, nitrate, nitrite and alkalinity (which tells you the acid neutralizing capacity of the water).

Acidic, very soft or very hard water degrades the filters and membranes at a faster rate, making the periodic use of a water tester on your osmosis water a good idea. The easiest testing method is done with our reliable and easy-to-use TDS water meter. By dipping a probe into the water, you get a reading of the so-called ‘conductance’, which is shown in ppm (parts per million). The proportion of solutes is given in relation to one million water molecules. The lower this value, the greater the purity of the filtered water. If you get a reading greater than 50 ppm, then you know it is time to replace the membrane or filter. Our water testers and TDS water meters make sure that you replace your water filters and membranes soon enough to ensure great water quality - but not too early, to ensure the economic efficiency of your reverse osmosis water systems. Replacement membranes and filters, as well as the water tester and TDS water meter described above, are available in our online shop at Sonvita.