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Ultimate SuperFlow
Osmosis System as a water saving miracle with a 1 to 1 wastewater ratio
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Ultimate Plus Superflow - High performance osmosis system 100 % lime-free water in just 8... more
Product information "Ultimate SuperFlow"

Ultimate Plus Superflow - High performance osmosis system

100 % lime-free water in just 8 seconds - Our perfomance winner.





Our Innovation - Clean water even faster than before

Our new performance winner: One glass of filtrated dirnking water (7 Imp.fl.oz)  in just 8 seconds! Experience lime-free drinking water each day anew.

"No more waiting, never again a dripping tap"


Osmotech's 600 GPD membrane

„An osmosis system is just as good as its membrane“

Osmotech's 600 GPD membrane filters an amount of 600 gallons (US. liq. gal.) per day. In other words: One gallon of osmosis water is delivered in just 2 minutes and 24 seconds. This is a top result in the field of drinking water filtration.


Quadruple filtration for your drinking water

Your drinking water is purified with the help of four different filters. Three prep-filters reduce the amount of rust, lime and chlorine in the water. In the final process the membrane filters all remaining pollutants out of the water. Thanks to the membrane's fine surface structure, only pure H2O molecules can penetrate it, making membrane technology the only known method which completely removes lime, chlorine and all other contaminants from your drinking water. The result is pure drinking water.


Filter performance in comparison


Directflow Technology

The Ultimate PLUS SuperFlow is part of the Directflow series. With no external tank required, there's more space in your kitchen. You can either easily keep the system under your kitchen sink or store it directly there or screw it to the wall to save even more space.






Empfohlen für: 1-4 Personen Haushalt, Aquaristik, Büros, Gastronomie
Filterwechsel: 6 Monate
Maße (T x B x H): 36cm x 22cm 52cm
Betrieb mit Warmwasser: nicht geeignet
Flow rate: up to 1600 ml/minute
Wastewater Ratio: 1 to 2
Filtration Stages: 5 stages
Membrane: 600 GPD Membrane
Power connection: with electricity
Drinking water tank: without tank
Required Line Pressure: 3 bar
Booster Pump: with booster pump
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Customer reviews for "Ultimate SuperFlow"
13 May 2016

Excellent system

Normally, I'm not one to write reviews on everything my wife and I purchase, but we feel the Ultimate Plus Superflow deserves this review.
I did a lot of research into the process of reverse osmosis water filtration and the different kinds of products available since there is a lot of variety on the market right now. What I discovered is that the effectiveness of the system really hinges upon the quality of the filters and membranes used, which is why I ultimately chose this product.
I was also very interested in user friendliness, since I am not the world’s greatest handyman. To my relief, I found that I was able to install the system myself.
On top of that, filter and membrane replacement really couldn’t be easier, which is great for me going forward since that is basically the only ongoing maintenance I’ll have to do with the system to keep it running optimally.
So in terms of speed (water direct from the tap), high-performance, top quality and space saving, we feel like we made the right choice with this system.

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Reverse osmosis water filter model Ultimate PLUS 2 1x sedimentfilter 5 micron 1x activated...
"Scope of supply"
  • Reverse osmosis water filter model Ultimate PLUS 2
  • 1x sedimentfilter 5 micron
  • 1x activated carbon filter
  • 1x activated carbon block filter
  • 1x activated coal afterfilter made from coconut shells
  • 1x TFC high performance membrane 600 GPD
  • Low noise booster pump including power suplly
  • Water faucet
  • Hose lines in different colours
  • Filter and membrane connections (for an easy exchange of filters and membranes)
  • Complete mounting kit
  • Comprehensible illustrated installation guide
"Product Video"

  Here is a link to replacement parts.     
"Replacement Parts"


Here is a link to replacement parts. 




  Filterset Europe (Pro) / Ultimate (Plus) hier bestellen!  ...
"Filter- und Membranenwechsel"



Filterset Europe (Pro) / Ultimate (Plus) hier bestellen!


 1.Stufe: Sedimentfilter 5 Mikron


Der Sedimentfilter mit einer Filtrationsgröße von 5 Mikron (entspricht 5/1000stel eines Millimeters) entfernt bzw. reduziert der Sedimentfilter viele Partikel wie z.B. Sand, Schlamm, Rostpartikel sowie mechanische Verunreinigungen aus dem Leitungswasser. 




2. Stufe: Aktivkohlefilter


Der Aktivkohlefilter besteht aus einem hochwertigen Aktivkohlegranulat, welches eine besonders grobporige Oberfläche besitzt. Durch die besondere Aufnahmefähigkeit der einzelnen Granulate entfernt bzw. reduziert der Aktivkohlefilter Chlorteilchen, Geruchsstoffe, Geschmacksstoffe, Phenol, Benzol und organische Verunreinigungen aus dem Leitungswasser. 

3. Stufe: Aktivkohleblockfilter


Der aus gebackenem Aktivkohlepulver hergestellte Filter entfernen bzw. reduziert freie Chlorteilchen, Lösungsmittel, Geruchsstoffe, Pestizide, anorganische Substanzen, Phenol, Benzol und organische Verunreinigungen. Der Aktivkohleblockfilter ist zusätzlich mit einem feinen Polypropylenvlies umhüllt, wodurch eine zusätzliche Filtration von feinsten Verunreinigungen mit einer Größe von bis zu 3 Mikron (3/1000stel eines Millimeters) erfolgt.


 4. Stufe: Aktivkohlenachfilter


Der Aktivkohlenachfilter filtert das Wasser noch einmal und sorgt für einen angenehmen und belebenden Geschmack. Der Aktivkohlefilter ist innen zusätzlich mit einem Polypropylenflies ausgestattet, wodurch das Aktivkohlegranulat nicht austreten kann.

Das Herzstück: Die ultra-leistungsfähige 600GPD Membrane


 Membrane 600 GPD von Osmotech hier bestellen!


Die Qualitätsmembrane wurde aus einer laserperforierten Polymer-Folie hergestellt und entfernt bis zu 100% aller Schadstoffe wie z.B. coliforme Keime, Bakterien, Herbizide, Fungizide, Nitrat, Nitrit, Uran, Asbest, Medikamentenrückstände uvm. aus dem Leitungswasser. Die 600 GPD Membrane ist der Leistungssieger in Sachen Filterleistung und Filtergeschwindigkeit. Mit der 600 GPD Membrane erhalten Sie bis zu 1600 ml frisches Osmosewasser pro Minute.


Osmoseanlage Europe Front
£199.00 *
Ultimate PLUS
Ultimate PLUS
£299.00 *
Ultimate PLUS
Ultimate PLUS
£299.00 *
£499.00 *
Osmoseanlage Europe Front
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