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Ultimate PLUS
Osmosis System as a water saving miracle with a 1 to 1 wastewater ratio
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Ultimate PLUS -  the water saving miracle 100 % lime-free water - our proven... more
Product information "Ultimate PLUS"

Ultimate PLUS - the water saving miracle

100 % lime-free water - our proven bestseller.





A glass of pure drinking water in a matter of seconds


The Ultimate Plus gives you a glass of fresh, filtered drinking water (200ml) in 11 seconds flat. No more waiting - enjoy delicious filtered water on the spot!


400 GPD Membrane by Osmotech

„Because an osmosis system is only as good as its membrane“

400 GPD means 400 gallons per day, which gives you a filter capacity of up to 1514 litres per day. Simply put - this system can easily deliver one litre of pure, filtered osmosis water every 1 minute.


The purest drinking water



Quadruple filtration for your drinking water

Last but not least, the membrane filters out the very last of the pollutants from your water, leaving you with absolutely pure and delicious drinking water. Thanks to the membrane's fine surface structure, only pure H2O molecules can penetrate it, making membrane technology the only known method which completely removes lime, chlorine and all other contaminants from your drinking water. The result is pure drinking water.


Comparison of filter performance


Hardly any wastewater - Cleand water and a clean conscience!

Our Ultimate system manages to do all that by offering economical water consumption. The 1:1 ratio of waste water to soft and mild drinking water makes this bestseller a real water-saving miracle.


Compact - thanks to Directflow technology



The Ultimate PLUS is part of the directflow systems series. With no external tank required, there's more space in your kitchen. You can either easily keep the system under your kitchen sink or store it directly there or screw it to the wall to save even more space. 






Empfohlen für: 1-4 Personen Haushalt, Aquaristik, Büros, Gastronomie
Betrieb mit Warmwasser: nicht geeignet
Filterwechsel: 6 Monate
Maße (T x B x H): 36cm x 22cm 52cm
Flow rate: bis zu 1100 ml / min
Wastewater Ratio: 1 to 2
Filtration Stages: 5 stages
Membrane: 400 GPD Membrane, 600 GPD Membrane
Power connection: with electricity
Drinking water tank: without tank
Required Line Pressure: 3 bar
Booster Pump: with booster pump
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Customer reviews for "Ultimate PLUS"
12 May 2016

Really good osmosis system

My main motivation for purchase was the thought of all the chlorine, pesticides and herbicides in tap water, and I found out that not all RO systems can block dangerous chemicals because they are molecularly smaller than water. For the RO system to effectively block these chemicals, it has to come with a carbon filter. The Ultimate Plus system has two, which really was the final decisive factor in my purchase.
It isn’t quite as fast as getting regular water from the tap, but the difference in taste alone more than makes up for that, not to mention the assurance that my family is not drinking lead and chlorine and all those other toxic substances.
I’ve never installed a filter system before, but fortunately I managed to install this one myself in an afternoon without even cursing very much!

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Stage 1:  The 5-micron Sediment filter The sediment filter with a filtration size of 5...
"Filtration Stages"

Stage 1:  The 5-micron Sediment filter

The sediment filter with a filtration size of 5 microns (equivalent to 5/1000th of a millimetre) is made of a high-quality polypropylene fibre. The entire surface of the sediment filter has a very high number of open micropores which allow a particularly effective absorption of impurities. The perfected structure of the sediment filter removes or reduces from the tap water various particles such as sand, sludge, rust particles, and mechanical impurities. The sediment filter is made of a special polypropylene which is particularly resistant to chemical erosion, while preventing the development of microorganisms.

Stage 2: Activated Carbon Filter

The activated carbon filter is made of a high quality granular activated carbon, which has a particularly large-pored surface. Due to the special absorption capacity of the individual granules, the active carbon filter removes or reduces chlorine particles, odours, flavours, phenol, benzene and organic impurities from tap water. The activated carbon filter ensures a remarkable improvement of taste and the optical aesthetics of the filtered water. The active charcoal filter is internally equipped with an additional polypropylene fleece fibre, through which the granular activated carbon cannot escape.

Stage 3: Activated carbon block filter

This filter, made of baked activated carbon powder, has a particularly rough surface structure with a multitude of tiny chambers and channels. These have a very efficient absorption capacity and remove or reduce free chlorine particles, solvents, fragrances, pesticides, inorganic substances, phenol, benzene and organic impurities. The activated carbon block filter is also coated with a fine polypropylene fleece fibre, through which an additional filtration of the finest impurities with a size of up to 3 microns (3/1000th of a millimetre) is carried out.

Stage 4: TFC membrane 400 GPD

This high quality membrane is made from laser-perforated polymer film, and removes from the tap water up to 100% of all pollutants such as coliforms (germs), bacteria, herbicides, fungicides, nitrate, nitrite, uranium, asbestos, drug residues and much more.

Stage 5: Activated carbon Afterfilter


This filter includes a plant-based granular activated carbon, which is obtained from carefully selected coconut shells and gently processed. The activated carbon afterfilter filters the water stored in the reservoir tank and ensures a pleasant and invigorating taste. The active charcoal filter is internally equipped with an additional polypropylene fleece fibre, through which the granular activated carbon cannot pass.

• Ultimate PLUS reverse osmosis water filter • 1x 5-micron sediment filter • 1x...
"Scope of Supply"

• Ultimate PLUS reverse osmosis water filter

• 1x 5-micron sediment filter

• 1x activated carbon filter

• 1x activated carbon block filter

• 1x activated carbon afterfilter made from coconut shells

• 1x TFC high-performance Membrane 400 GPD

• Exceptionally low-noise booster pump incl. PSU

• Water faucet

• Hose lines in different colours

• Filter & membrane keys (for a simple filter or membrane change)

• Complete connection and mounting set

• Easy-to-understand illustrated installation guide

"Product Video"

  Here is a link to replacement parts.     
"Replacement Parts"


Here is a link to replacement parts. 




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