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Hobby Osmoseanlage
Minimum dimensions for maximum performance
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Hobby – Your handy reverse osmosis water filter for on the go This mobile reverse osmosis... more
Product information "Hobby Osmoseanlage"

Hobby – Your handy reverse osmosis water filter for on the go

This mobile reverse osmosis water filter gives you the perfect basis for pure water from virtually any location. If you want to remove coliforms (germs), bacteria, herbicides, phosphates, heavy metals, fungicides, nitrate, nitrite, drug residues or just lime, Hobby is the right choice for you.  Savour a completely new taste and experience the energy of pure water.

How does the Hobby reverse osmosis water filter work?

First, a sediment filter removes coarse particles such as sand, rust and contaminants from your tap water.  Then the active carbon filter reduces or removes organic contaminants and suspended solids. The water is then purified by the membrane, which eliminates nearly 100 % of all pollutants, flavours and odours. The result:  water purity like you’ve never experienced before.  You’ll notice an improvement in your water from the first sip.  The universal adapter supplied with your system can be connected directly to your faucet within seconds and without tools. You can now choose between pure water (osmosis water) and tap water through a switching mechanism.

Minimum Dimensions - Maximum Performance

Hobby reverse osmosis water filters let you choose from three size options  - 190 litres, 285 litres or 380 litre filtration capacity per day.  Besides being very easy to operate, Hobby is an absolute space-saving miracle. The entire water filter is hardly bigger than a sheet of A4 paper, which makes it easy to use both at home and on the go.





Betrieb mit Warmwasser: nicht geeignet
Empfohlen für: Aquaristik, Reisende, Singlehaushalt mit geringem Bedarf
Flow rate: bis zu maximal 130 / 270 / 395 ml / min je nach Membrane 50 / 100 / 150 GPD
Wastewater Ratio: 1 to 3
Filtration Stages: 3 stages
Membrane: 150 GPD Membrane, 100 GPD Membrane, 50 GPD Membrana
Power connection: without electricity
Drinking water tank: without tank
Required Line Pressure: 3 bar
Booster Pump: without booster pump
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