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PURA UP Osmoseanlage
Countertop Water Filter by SONVITA with integrated water dispenser
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SONVITA PURA UP SONVITA filtered water. The stylish water dispenser.    ... more
Product information "PURA UP Osmoseanlage"


SONVITA filtered water. The stylish water dispenser.




The PURA UP® WATER FILTER transforms ordinary tap water into SONVITA filtered water – soft, mild, and free of any substances that taint the flavour.
Naturally and instantly.

This countertop water filter is designed to give you maximum assurance that your water is pure and safe. The patented SONVITA filter cartridges have a lifespan of up to 6 months. The SONVITA Filter Technology®, based on the principle of reverse osmosis, reliably removes 100% of all pollutants, lime and chlorine. The integrated LED filter change indicator dependably reminds you exactly when to change your filter.

Experience the refreshing taste of SONVITA water


Lime-free drinking water. Every day.


Say goodbye to lime

Thanks to the PURA water filter, your tap water tastes as mild and fresh as pure spring water. You can create the perfect cup of coffee and savour the finest tea aromas without substances in your tap water that cloud and dull its flavour. Foods cooked with Sonvita filtered water retain their natural flavours for a more intense taste experience, and last but not least, your household appliances no longer need to be decalcified.



No waiting. No separate tap.

Since the filter is directly connected to your tap water connection, you can enjoy SONVITA filtered water without any waiting time! The filtered water can be tapped directly from PURA Up via a rotary knob. No need for a separate water tap!


icon-led-01Maximum quality assurance for safe drinking water

The patented SONVITA high-performance filter guarantees the best filtration performance. The automatic filter change indicator reliably reminds you when it is time to change your PURA water filter – a luxury seldom provided by other systems on the market.


PURA UP - Ultimate design perfection



PURA UP has been designed to perfectly suit the requirements of a countertop water filter. It combines cutting edge filter performance with elegant design. The high-quality LED display, the elegant grooved appearance and slim format coupled with the white high gloss surface pair innovation with delicate and timeless beauty. You’ll love the look of the silver rotary water dispensing knob.

An eye-catcher for your kitchen. Unique among water filters.


SONVITA water filtration

SONVITA water filtration is a three-step system. Your tap water passes through the two patented SONVITA filtering stages to remove initial impurities and flavours. The actual water enhancement process occurs when your tap water passes through the SONVITA membrane.

Thanks to the fine surface structure, our membrane technology is the only possible filtration method to completely remove lime, chlorine and all other contaminants from your drinking water. Only pure H2O molecules can penetrate the membrane. The result is pure drinking water.


Refreshingly simple




Operating the PURA UP system is easy. The integrated LED filter change indicator alerts you when it's time for your filter change. The patented SONVITA filter cartridge can then be changed in just 30 seconds, thanks to the simple EasyClick system. This system provides you continuous assurance about your drinking water purity and quality. 


Just right for every household



The SONVITA PURA water filter series was specially designed to suit any home. Its surface area is hardly larger than a roll of paper towels and fits easily into any kitchen.

Our detailed and easy-to-follow instructions make installing PURA UP simple and straightforward.

You can also choose the option of having us install the system for you. Simply contact us, and we will arrange for one of our qualified partners to install your system for you.


SONVITA – Good for the environment - Good for you!

Lugging crates of bottled water is now a thing of the past. Go easy on your wallet and on the earth’s natural resources by dispensing with all that unnecessary plastic waste. By using a PURA water filter, you support responsible environmental stewardship.



Betrieb mit Warmwasser: nicht geeignet
Flow rate: up to 1600 ml/minute
Filterwechsel: 6 Monate
Empfohlen für: 1-4 Personen Haushalt, Büros
Maße (T x B x H): 39cm x 15cm x 41cm
Wastewater Ratio: 1 to 3
Filtration Stages: 3 stages
Membrane: 50 GPD Membrana
Power connection: with electricity
Drinking water tank: 3 Liter
Required Line Pressure: 3 bar
Booster Pump: with booster pump
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