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3in1 Puro LED by Sonvita
Stylish 3in1 water faucet with LED indicator for filter replacement
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3in1 Puro LED by Sonvita Hot, cold & filtered water from the same tap    ... more
Product information "3in1 Puro LED by Sonvita"

3in1 Puro LED by Sonvita

Hot, cold & filtered water from the same tap



Unbeatable water filtration technology from a single spout -  no need for an extra hole in your countertop


 Our 3-in-1 LED faucet is the unique designer solution for those who want clean, crisp, healthy water from a single spout without a second hole in their sink. You’ll love the exclusive eye-catching design of our 3-in-1 Puro Water Faucet, which combines pragmatism with timeless style to perfectly accent your kitchen. 


Keeping an eye on water quality has never been easier


Take the guesswork out of filter replacement with Puro’s integrated LED display, which reliably reminds you when it’s time to change your water filter. With each use, the intelligent LED indicator lights up and keeps your system’s filter performance in clear view.  Once the maximum recommended amount of filtered water has been reached, a red light reminds you to change the filter.


Our 3-in-1 Faucets – life-long quality and durability


Our faucets have been engineered to last a lifetime. During the development process, each individual component undergoes stringent testing under extreme conditions to simulate years of intensive use.  During production, our fittings are subjected to careful examination to assure that they can stand up to rigorous daily demands. Long before the faucet goes on sale, we test it using air and water pressure. If there is a standard deviation of even 0.1 psi, equivalent to 0.0069 bar, the 3-in-1 faucet will not leave our premises. This method completely ensures that all our faucets deliver years of lasting high performance.



Water Faucet Type: 3in1 Faucet, LED Filterwechselanzeige
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