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Wasser wie aus einem Quellbach
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Biovital+ uses principle of FIR (far infra-red) to transpose your drinking water with... more
Product information "Biovital+"

Biovital+ uses principle of FIR (far infra-red) to transpose your drinking water with bio-energetic vibrations, converting damaged molecules into fine clusters and returning the water’s original structure, resembling that of pure spring water. The far infrared rays cause the water to ionize into hydrogen ions and hydoxide ions. Many consumers agree that increasing the body’s oxygen content supports the removal of deposits, boosts the health and functioning of the nervous system, improves sleep and strengthens the immune system.

Technical specifications:
• Diameter: 53 mm
• Length: 280 mm
• Max. 6 bar
• Max temperature: 51 ° C
• Service period: 6 months

Biovital+ can be quickly and easily retrofitted for any reverse osmosis water filter in just a few simple steps. The Biovital+ can also be combined with other SONVITA cartridges.


The SONVITA brand is one of the leading suppliers of cartridges for quality water enhancement. All cartridges are individually tested and filled with handpicked granules. SONVITA only uses granules of pure origin thereby ensuring premium quality.

Replacement interval Sonvita: 6 months
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