Should you, contrary to expectation, have a complaint, we will immediately address your concerns and endeavour to solve the issue as soon as possible to your satisfaction.

Your legal rights are not affected by the following warranty provisions, which are indeed valid alongside the legal provisions.  

If you notice an error or defect during the warranty period (2 years as of delivery of the goods), contrary to expectations, you can find tips and assistance on our website under Technical Support. Should none of the suggestions listed there assist to remedy the situation, we ask you to send us the system together with the inspection order. The claimed product will then be immediately inspected and repaired or replaced. 

Excluded from the warranty are parts subject to wear and tear, such as filters, membranes, connections and hoses.

The warranty does not cover the following points:

Incorrect use, misuse, misapplication or maintenance, negligence, changes to system, irregular or delayed filter and/or membrane change, using third-party filters and/or membranes that have an inferior quality. Also excluded are claims from damages such as frost, improper installation and/or maintenance, use of tap water over 2.000 ppm or tap water not corresponding to DIN 2000. The same applies to the use of sea water, well water and saltwater. All warranties are subject to compliance with the operating and maintenance instructions.

The guarantee is generally limited to the repair, maintenance or replacement of the system at our discretion. Further claims of any kind concerning the use and installation of the system are specifically excluded. All defects must be reported immediately upon occurrence of the defect, enclosing the original invoice and/or the warranty certificate. Returns must always be made free of charge. In case of unjustified complaints, the time spent, the material and the return postage will be invoiced.

Further refund claims such as telephone costs, travel expenses, loss of earnings, inconvenience, repair costs or compensation for damage to other appliances or equipment, animals or objects are excluded under the warranty. Further warranties are valid only in written form.