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Ersatzfilter für Duschköpfe Summer Rain / Maxfresh
Replacement Filter for showerheads

A 3-stage system eliminates up to 90% of the chlorine particles and removes heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury. The KDF filter layer has an antibacterial effect. Suitable for Maxfresh and Summer Rain Shower Filters

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Duschkopf mit integriertem Wasserfilter

Maxfresh – the shower head with a 3-in-1 water filter - experience maximum freshness Next time you shower, why not enjoy the purest water possible? The elegant Maxfresh shower head has a special integrated 3-in-1 water filter which eliminates up to 99% of the chlorine content in the water. At the same time, heavy metals like mercury and lead are filtered out. Itchy skyin after showering? The Maxfresh Shower Filter protects your skin, your hair and your lungs from the damaging effects of chlorine and heavy metals. The 3-in-1 leaves your shower water remarkably pure, so that you can use a lot less shampoo and shower gel, and at the same time, the KDF filter bed has an antibacterial effect. The benefits of Maxfresh Shower Filter at a glance: • Soothing relief from dry, reddened skin and irritated eyes • Healthier and younger looking skin • Leaves the hair soft, smooth and easy to brush • Protects the lungs and mucous membranes • Neutralizes bad-smelling tap water odours • Removes or reduces heavy metals • Converts chlorine ions into harmless chlorides • Shampoo and shower gel are more effective • Ideal for vacation and travel

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Affordable shower head filters for invigorating showers

The skin is our largest organ - and an extremely fascinating one at that. It literally keeps our body in ‘shape’, protects us from external influences and contributes significantly to looking good. But to remain healthy and vital, our skin needs regular care, attention and pampering. A tingly refreshing shower can be a veritable fountain of youth for the skin, stimulating blood circulation and giving our skin that youthful glow. A shower head filter gives your shower water the highest possible quality and lets you enjoy the ultimate wellness experience every day.

The shower head filter for ‘soft’ water

Competitive swimmers spend most of their training time in the water and are particularly sensitive to water quality. They can immediately tell when something is ‘off’ with the water, because the water in each pool varies. This is also true for the water in the bathrooms of private households. Very hard water is not only damaging to household appliances, our skin also prefers the pleasant feel of soft water. Our shower head water filters minimise the lime content in the water. Although lime is relatively harmless, your skin will feel noticeably better when you use our shower head filters.

With a shower head filter, heavy metals don’t stand a chance

Our shower filters for both the Maxfresh and Summer-Rain shower heads are equipped with a 3-step system that removes up to 90 % of chlorine particles as well as heavy metals such as cadmium, arsenic, lead and mercury. In addition, the KDF filter layer has an antibacterial effect, which means that the shower head and the water filter work together as one effective unit. The jets in the shower head provide tingling freshness, and the filter ensures a pleasant shower sensation with purified water. The ‘Summer Rain Shower Filter’ puts an end to chlorine-reddened eyes. The mucous membranes of the lungs are protected, hair is easier to comb, shampoo and shower gels work to their full potential, and skin simply looks healthier and younger. Practical and handy, you can even take the shower head filter with you on vacation.  And after 6 months, the shower head water filter can be replaced in just a few simple steps.