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Tap water and filtered water from just one faucet! A 3-in-1 water tap is ideal if you want avoid having to install an additional faucet for your water filter.

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3in1 Puro LED by Sonvita
3in1 Puro LED by Sonvita

Stylish 3in1 water faucet with LED indicator for filter replacement

£199.00 *
Japura LED 3in1 Wasserhahn
3in1 Japura LED by Sonvita

Compact 3in1 water faucet with LED indicator for filter replacement

£199.00 *
3-in-1 Japura Water Faucet with LED filter replacement display

High-quality 3in1 faucet for the enjoyment of filtered water

£139.00 *
Maranon Kaltwasserhahn mit LED Filterwechselanzeige
Maranon LED by Sonvita

High-quality cold-water-faucet with LED indicator for filter replacement

£39.90 *
3in1 Wasserhahn Grande für Osmosewasser

Elegante 3in1-Armatur für Leitungs- & Osmosewasser aus einem Hahn.

£139.00 *

Fittings for the reverse osmosis water filter - the 3-way water tap

Behind the cabinet door, the individual filters work together with the ‘heart’ of the system - the membrane - to ensure your supply of healthy, pure drinking water. The reverse osmosis system’s water filter faucets, on the other hand, are much more visible, which is why our range of exclusive taps and fittings are designed to be pleasing to the eye. They look great - and fulfil a uniquely important purpose.

3-in-1 water filter tap - The ideal osmosis water faucet for maximum flexibility

Our desire to give our customers a wide variety of water options was the inspiration behind the design of the 3-way water filter tap. 3-in-1 taps provide both normal tap water (cold or hot) and filtered osmosis water.  They are the perfect choice for everyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of osmosis water without having to install an additional water filter tap. While all health-conscious people agree on the importance of water quality, tastes in home décor vary greatly. We at Sonvita make sure you have a choice when it comes to reverse osmosis water faucets.  One person may love the elegant design of a ‘gooseneck’ faucet, while another might prefer the clear design of a more classic water filter tap. 

An osmosis faucet to suit every taste

Whether you prefer a streamlined or classic style, all of our 3-in-1 faucets can pivot 360°, making it practical and simple to fill containers of every shape and size. Separate water hoses prevent the accidental mixing of tap water with the filtered water. DIY assembly is quick and easy enough for any home handyman or woman due to standardised DIN connections. These exquisite, high-quality fittings are chrome-plated, and the high-gloss finish gives them a polished shine. The top functionality and quality of the user-friendly single-lever water tap is also reflected in its upgraded ceramic valves, which allow for the precise regulation of both water temperature and flow.  Our selection also includes elegant stainless steel reverse osmosis water faucets for those who have a ‘cold-water-only’ connection.