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Water filter with water carafe - Design your kitchen!
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Aquarella – the modern and innovative reverse osmosis system for table use The Aquarella... more
Product information "Aquarella"

Aquarella – the modern and innovative reverse osmosis system for table use

The Aquarella reverse osmosis system has 5 built-in filtration steps that purify the tap water through the principle of reverse osmosis. The reverse osmosis system not only removes suspended solids and flavours from the water, but also all contaminants, including nitrite, nitrate, pesticides, drug residues or uranium.   This elegant reverse osmosis system ensures maximum drinking pleasure.

An integrated storage tank of 1.7 litres always provides fresh osmosis water, which can be easily poured into the carafe. With a daily capacity of 190 litres, the osmosis system is suitable for 1-person households, for families and for the office kitchen.

Easy handling - maximum comfort

Once this reverse osmosis system is connected directly to the tap using the supplied universal adapter, you can operate it within seconds. The universal adapter has a switch, allowing you to access ordinary tap water at any time. The reverse osmosis system has a patented filter and membrane system that makes changing the filter quick and easy.

Uncompromising technology - perfection down to the smallest detail

  • Aquarella is an all-in-one reverse osmosis system, which combines water treatment, water storage and water supply in one unit. Elegant simplicity with compact design.
  • An integrated storage tank of 1.7 litres with a level indicator always provides fresh osmosis water that you can pour directly from the reverse osmosis system into your carafe.
  • The tapping point for the osmosis water is suitable for right and left handers and allows easy access to the desired amount of water.
  • The reverse osmosis system has a built-in automatic switch-off. Once the storage tank is completely filled, the switch-off interrupts further water supply, which means substantial water savings for you.
  • In contrast to conventional systems, the Aquarella reverse osmosis system does not have individual connections and hoses, making leaks and pressure loss impossible.
  • The patented 4-in-1 water filter has two innovative nanosilver filtration stages which remove bacteria from the tap even during pre-filtration. The 4-in-1 water filter has a practical handle, ensuring hygienic and simple filter replacement - simply open the upper lid, and insert the membrane and filter - done!
  • The reverse osmosis system doesn’t need a power connection because it works solely with the water pressure. The integrated PRO-SAFE valve ensures automatic stabilization of the water flow rate while providing effective protection against pressure surges in the water line. 
  • The dating timer lets you set the date for the next filter change, so that you have a constant supply of pure, high quality osmosis water.
  • A non-slip base provides maximum stability, the tested materials ensure superb quality, and a patented filter and membrane system gives you maximum drinking pleasure.
  • Water contaminants don’t stand a chance against this sophisticated technology - get the Aquarella reverse osmosis system and immerse yourself in the world of water purity!





Flow rate: bis zu 130 ml / min
Empfohlen für: Single-Haushalt, Bis 3 Personen Haushalt
Betrieb mit Warmwasser: nicht geeignet
Maße (T x B x H): 31cm x 18cm x 39cm
Filterwechsel: 6 Monate
Wastewater Ratio: 1 to 3
Filtration Stages: 5 stages
Membrane: 50 GPD Membrana
Power connection: without electricity
Drinking water tank: without tank
Required Line Pressure: 3 bar
Booster Pump: without booster pump
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"Product Video"

          Aquarella Osmoseanlage        ...
  •          Aquarella Osmoseanlage
  •          Herausnehmbare Karaffe
  •          1x 4in1 Filter (Aktivkohlefilter, Sedimentfilter und zweifache Silberbeschichtung)
  •          1x Membrane 50 GPD
  •          1x Gehäuseschlüssel (für Filter- und Membranwechsel)
  •          Komplettes Einbau- und Montageset
  •          Verständliche und bebilderte Einbauanleitung








Der 4in1 Filter  Filter gleich hier bestellen! 1. Stufe: Sedimentfilter 5...


Der 4in1 Filter 

Filter gleich hier bestellen!

1. Stufe: Sedimentfilter 5 Mikron

entfernt bzw. reduziert Rost, Sand, grobe Partikel

2. Stufe: Nano-Silber Filter

entfernt Bakterien, organische und anorganische Verunreinigungen

 3. Stufe: Aktivkohlefilter

entfernt bzw. reduziert Chlor, Kalk, Arzneimittelrückstände, Pflanzenschutzmittel, Lösemittel

4. Stufe: Nano-Silber Filter SAFE

verhindert Bakterienbildung im Filter



 Die Membrane

Membrane gleich hier bestellen!

Die Membrane besteht aus einer mehrschichtigen laserperforierten Polymer-Folie mit einer mikroskopisch feinen Porengröße von 0,0001 Mikron. Das Wasser wird mit Druck durch die halbdurchlässige (permeable) Membrane gepresst. Da Wassermoleküle die kleinsten Moleküle sind, können nur diese die feinen Poren der Membrane durchdringen. Die unerwünschten Schadstoffe werden zurückgehalten und direkt über das Abwasser aus der Membrane entfernt.

Egal ob coliforme Keime, Herbizide, Fungizide, Asbest, Nitrat, Nitrit, Uran, Medikamentenrückstände oder einfach nur Kalk, die TFC Membrane entfernt sämtliche Schadstoffe mit einer Reinigungswirkung von bis zu 100% aus dem Leitungswasser.

Die 50 GPD Membrane hat eine Filterleistung von bis zu 190 Liter pro Tag.



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