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Replacement parts for your reverse osmosis system & water filters at the right price, right here in our online shop

As your complete supplier of reverse osmosis systems and water filters, we at Sonvita also offer an extensive range of RO replacement parts as well as reverse osmosis cleaning chemicals, filter disinfectants and UV water treatment supplies. Our osmosis systems are designed and built to provide you with healthy, pure drinking water for many years. As with any technical system, some the individual components (e.g. seals) are subject to natural wear and tear. The need for an RO replacement part can also be caused by a mishap during handling and operation. You may also want to expand, upgrade or modify your osmosis system. Whatever the reason, you will find any and all necessary RO replacement parts and accessories quickly and easily on our website under Accessories.

RO replacement parts to ensure the proper functioning of your osmosis system

Depending on which model you choose, your osmosis system has a range of water supply connections, ranging from an adapter to an elbow connection, a Quick Connect or a special coupling to connect two hoses. It was important for us to make sure that each replacement part could be integrated into your system in one easy step. ‘Quick & Easy’ is the name of the ingenious plug-in that can be joined with an additional mounting clip.   Even if your water demand increases to a daily output of up to 1,600 litres, the pumps supply increased pressure to handle a flow rate of up to 135 litres per hour so that the necessary amount of water is always quickly available.

RO Replacement Part Sets – helping you plan ahead with great variety at low prices

Alongside the individual RO replacement parts offered in our range, such as filter housings, membrane housings and membrane keys, another inexpensive way to keep a supply of small spare parts on hand is to order them in a set. The extensive RO replacement parts set includes not only all major seals, connections and hose lines, but technical components such as the tank valve, shut-off valve and flow restrictor as well. Of course, the RO replacement part set is individually tailored to your specific reverse osmosis system. Take a look at our wide range of RO replacement parts for your osmosis water system.