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PENTAIR PRF-RO Osmosis System - The best-seller from the USA 100% made in USA. Up to 2.3... more
Product information "PENTAIR PRF-RO"

PENTAIR PRF-RO Osmosis System - The best-seller from the USA

100% made in USA. Up to 2.3 litres per minute with no electricity or storage tank required.


Purest Water Quality -  Zero Waiting Time 

The PRF-RO Reverse Osmosis System (formerly Merlin) transforms tap water into the highest quality filtered drinking water, and features a very high flow rate ( 1.5- 2.3 l / min and up to 3300 l / day). You’ll get pure and refreshing drinking water that is also perfect for preparing baby food, making delicious coffee, and for optimal aquarium use, even if your untreated source water is of poor quality.


 Top Quality - Made in USA

The PRF-RO features top-of-the line quality. The entire system as well as all filters, membranes and components are manufactured and tested exclusively in the USA. Since its first market launch four years ago, we’ve sold this product by the thousands every month. For many years the product’s manufacturer, the Irish company Pentair, has stood for the highest quality in the field of water filtration.


 Ultra Quiet

The PRF-RO doesn’t require a pump or any other electronics, so the only thing moving in the system is the water itself. It operates inaudibly right under your sink and you can enjoy the best drinking water without even noticing the actual filtering process.



Since the device has no electronics, nothing can go wrong. Initially, the system’s purchase price is slightly above average, but it’s an investment that pays off in the long run. The membranes also last for 3-5 years, which is significantly longer than those in conventional systems. This makes the PRF-RO one of the most reliable, durable and low maintenance osmosis systems sold on the market.


Extremely Frugal

Unlike many other reverse osmosis systems, the PRF-RO’s lack of electronics means big savings in both electricity costs and water costs. With a wastewater ratio of 1: 2, this system is clearly in a class of its own among electricity-free systems.


Highly Flexible

Although the PRF-RO works without a pump, no water tank is required! The system comes complete with a faucet (TouchFlow), which is installed to the sink (Ø 11.5 or 12 mm). In addition, you can mount the system either vertically or horizontally, depending on what best fits your kitchen! You can even connect from the basement.





We’ve pared the system’s size down to a bare minimum.  It’s small packsize and compact design means that it can be placed virtually anywhere.



3 Highly Efficient Filter Stages


Activated carbon combined filter for prefiltering coarse particles (Made in USA). 
Replacement interval: approx. every 6 months

Main filter: 

Double wrapped TFC membrane by Pentair (Made in USA).
Replacement interval: every 3-5 years (based on experience)


Inline activated carbon filter to ensure a refreshing taste (Made in USA).
Replacement interval: approx. every 6 months



Betrieb mit Warmwasser: nicht geeignet
Flow rate: bis zu 2000 ml / min bei 4 bar
Filterwechsel: 6 Monate
Empfohlen für: 1-4 Personen Haushalt, Aquaristik, Büros, Gastronomie, Haushalt mit sehr hohem Wasserbedarf
Maße (T x B x H): 51cm x 27cm x 29cm
Wastewater Ratio: 1 to 2
Filtration Stages: 4 stages
Membrane: 800 GPD
Power connection: without electricity
Drinking water tank: without tank
Required Line Pressure: 2,5 bar
Booster Pump: without booster pump
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