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Membrane für Osmoseanlagen 100 GPD
Membrane with up to 380 liters daily output
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Using what nature taught us - inversely reproduced with the membrane The membrane consists of... more
Product information "Membrane für Osmoseanlagen 100 GPD"

Using what nature taught us - inversely reproduced with the membrane

The membrane consists of a multilayer laser-perforated polymer film with a microscopically fine pore size of 0.0001 microns. The water is forced under pressure through the semi-permeable membrane. Since water molecules are the smallest molecules, only they can pass through the fine pores of the membrane. The unwanted pollutants are held back and removed from the membrane directly via the wastewater.

Whether coliforms (germs), herbicides, fungicides, asbestos, nitrate, nitrite, uranium, drug residues or just lime, the TFC membrane removes all contaminants from the tap water with a removal efficiency of up to 100%.


The Membrane 100 GPD has a filter capacity of up to 380 litres per day and is suitable for all major reverse osmosis water filters.


Water Purifier: Aqua Quell, Europe, Europe Pro, Hobby, Profi, Ultra Mini
Replacement interval membrane: 24 months
Daily output: 380 Litre / day
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