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Duschkopf mit integriertem Wasserfilter
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SUMMER-RAIN – The shower head with a 3-in-1 water filter –  for that spa feeling in your... more
Product information "Summer-Rain"

SUMMER-RAIN – The shower head with a 3-in-1 water filter –  for that spa feeling in your own shower

The Summer Rain Shower Head lets you watch the stress of the day go down the drain, and turns your shower into a wellness spa.   The integrated 3-in-1 water filter guarantees a particularly fresh and mild shower experience, while it eliminates up to 99% of the chlorine content in the water. In addition, heavy metals such as mercury and lead are filtered out. You can now enjoy the special freshness of a spa shower with a shower head that meets and surpasses your standards for purity and hygiene.

You'll notice a positive effect on your skin with regular use

The Summer-Rain Shower Filter protects your skin, your hair and your lungs from the damaging effects of chlorine and heavy metals. The 3-in-1 leaves your shower water remarkably pure, so that you can use a lot less shampoo and shower gel, and at the same time, the KDF filter bed has an antibacterial effect.

The benefits of Summer-Rain Shower Filter at a glance:

• Soothing relief from dry, reddened skin and irritated eyes
• Healthier and younger looking skin
• Protects the lungs and mucous membranes
• Neutralizes bad-smelling tap water odours
• Removes or reduces heavy metals
• Converts chlorine ions into harmless chlorides
• Shampoo and shower gel are more effective
• Ideal for vacation and travel

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