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Duschkopf mit integriertem Wasserfilter
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Maxfresh – the shower head with a 3-in-1 water filter - experience maximum freshness Next... more
Product information "Maxfresh"

Maxfresh – the shower head with a 3-in-1 water filter - experience maximum freshness

Next time you shower, why not enjoy the purest water possible? The elegant Maxfresh shower head has a special integrated 3-in-1 water filter which eliminates up to 99% of the chlorine content in the water. At the same time, heavy metals like mercury and lead are filtered out.

Itchy skyin after showering?

The Maxfresh Shower Filter protects your skin, your hair and your lungs from the damaging effects of chlorine and heavy metals. The 3-in-1 leaves your shower water remarkably pure, so that you can use a lot less shampoo and shower gel, and at the same time, the KDF filter bed has an antibacterial effect.

The benefits of Maxfresh Shower Filter at a glance:

• Soothing relief from dry, reddened skin and irritated eyes
• Healthier and younger looking skin
• Leaves the hair soft, smooth and easy to brush
• Protects the lungs and mucous membranes
• Neutralizes bad-smelling tap water odours
• Removes or reduces heavy metals
• Converts chlorine ions into harmless chlorides
• Shampoo and shower gel are more effective
• Ideal for vacation and travel 

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