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Vorratstank 2,5 Liter
2.5 litre storage tank
2,5 Gallonen Vorratstank aus Metall, weiß lackiert
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This space-saving storage tank with a height of only 28 cm and a diameter of 20 cm is the ideal... more
Product information "2.5 litre storage tank"

This space-saving storage tank with a height of only 28 cm and a diameter of 20 cm is the ideal solution for particularly tight spaces. The storage tank can hold up to 2.5 litres of osmosis water and is made of high quality metal with a white exterior.  

Inside the tank is equipped with a food-grade coating so that the stored water cannot come into direct contact with the metal. The storage tank has an integrated rubber membrane which is under atmospheric pressure. Once you turn on the faucet, the rubber membrane pushes the stored osmosis water from the tank. The reliable and proven membrane technology guarantees fast and trouble-free tapping. The storage tank is delivered with a stable base made of ABS plastic.


Matching tank valve is included!


• Pressure storage tank with membrane technology
• Dimensions: 28 cm high / 20 cm in diameter
• Volume Capacity: 2.5 litres
• Exterior Material: metal, painted white
• Interior Material: food-grade coating / rubber membrane


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